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Investing more in women will boost the recovery of Latin America and the Caribbean

The pandemic has particularly affected women. Pre-existing gender gaps have exposed them to further loss of income, unemployment and unpaid household burden.

Contributing to closing the gender gap is not only necessary for the prosperity of the region, but it is also a great business opportunity. Various studies show that women tend to be better payers, that the businesses they lead generate higher financial returns and that, as consumers, they make most of the expense decisions.

IDB Invest has been promoting gender-lens investing, which focuses on investing in companies led by women, in those with gender equality policies and in those that offer products and services aimed at women.

Today, more than ever, we are committed to continue paving this path because when women win, we all win.


IDB Invest, Promerica Support SME Growth, Women Entrepreneurs in the Dominican Republic

IDB Invest, Promerica Support SME Growth, Women Entrepreneurs in the Dominican Republic

IDB Invest is providing $10 million worth of financing for Banco Múltiple Promerica de la República Dominicana, S.A. (Promerica) in order to support its capital base, which will promote the growth of the lender's Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) portfolio.

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Making Women Welcome: the Next Challenge for Renewable Energy Construction Projects

If the energy transition, and the renewable energy sector, are to create opportunities for women to enter male dominated fields, then opening low skill requirement and construction occupations must be a critical part of that strategy.

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At IDB Invest, we have made a simple and clear promise: we are 100% committed to gender equality as well as diversity and inclusion.

We help companies identify the economic opportunity gained by integrating a strategy of gender equality, diversity, and inclusion into their business. We work with various sectors offering finance products and consultancy services to help them create more inclusive companies.

We help companies:

1. With their human capital strategy to attract and retain the best talent through human resource policy recommendations, diversity and inclusion training, and mentoring programs.
2. With their market strategy to uncover potential opportunities and segments through market research, product and service development, and sales force training.
3. With their value chain strategy, procurement policy and service contracting recommendations as well as suggestions for a more inclusive value chain, and with supplier training.


Our expert

Our expert
Stephanie Oueda

Stephanie Oueda

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