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IDB Invest aims to foster a proactive dialogue with those seeking information about our projects or interested in filing a grievance.


IDB Invest prioritizes engagement, transparency and accountability in our projects. We encourage stakeholders to reach out to us for information or if a complaint with a client remains unresolved.


In our operations, where there are affected communities, IDB Invest requires the client to establish a grievance mechanism to receive and facilitate resolution of concerns and complaints related to the client’s environmental and social performance. The specific requirements of the client's grievance mechanism are outlined in IDB Invest Sustainability Policy.


Individuals or communities are encouraged to contact the client through its grievance mechanism first, to request project-related information or present complaints.
IDB Invest discloses the client’s contact information for each project under our Projects site, following IDB Invest Access to Information Policy.

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Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism

As a last resort, individuals and communities can reach out to the Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (ICIM). This independent accountability office impartially addresses and investigates environmental and social complaints from individuals or communities that are considered affected by projects financed by IDB Invest.


A request will be deemed eligible by the ICIM if, among other, the individuals or communities describe the efforts made to address the issues with IDB Invest.The ICIM operates in accordance with the ICIM-IDB Invest Policy and reports to the Board of Executive Directors.


For more information about the ICIM, please visit its website.