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Management Led Grievance Mechanism: A New IDB Invest Tool to Address Environmental and Social Grievances from Projects

The Management-led Grievance Mechanism (MGM) is IDB Invest’s tool for addressing social and environmental grievances. It serves as a direct channel of communication to hear from communities and external stakeholders, and find timely solutions with clients, while strengthening client capacity and risk management.

This report is the first MGM Annual Report and provides an overview of the MGM process and statistics, insights into the grievances received and handled, and the outreach activities conducted. Since it was created, by May 2021, the MGM has received and managed 10 grievances. This work has been reflected in action plans, implemented by IDB Invest clients and monitored by the MGM. Action plans will address the issues of the grievance and also represent an opportunity to strengthen ESG sustainability of clients.

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