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IDB Invest uses blended finance to pioneer, de-risk and mainstream innovative business models and technologies to deliver development and social impact in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We provide comprehensive blended finance solutions by combining concessional resources with our own commercial funding through a wide array of financial instruments. These include:

  • debt (such as senior or subordinated loans at softer terms and conditions)
  • equity (patient equity in early-stage, high-impact enterprises)
  • risk mitigation instruments (aggregation platforms and first-loss guarantees to mobilize institutional investors)
  • financial incentives (such as gender performance-based incentives for achieved and verified results)

In addition, we complement our financial offering with non-financial products and advisory services.

Advisory Services

We help companies improve their performance and become more competitive and sustainable, to ensure that their success has a lasting, positive impact on development.

Asset Management

IDB Invest administers funds established by third parties to accomplish specific development goals in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Mezzanine financing, which falls on the spectrum between debt and equity, offers financial solutions that senior, secured lenders may be unwilling to provide.

Meet the Expert

Meet the Expert
Matthieu Pegon

Matthieu Pegon

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