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A Global Movement for Sustainable Growth Sprouts in the Heart of Amazonia

IDB Invest Sustainability Week 2024 brings together an array of public and private sector stakeholders, the impact investors community, governments, international organizations, and civil society in Manaus with one goal: scaling up impact.

SW24 James Scriven and Gabriel Azevedo


Everything is ready in Manaus, Brazil, where a remarkable gathering just started. The IDB Invest Sustainability Week 24 promises to be pivotal in pursuing transformative change for the Amazonia region and Latin America and the Caribbean. It will reverberate globally.


The emphasis on collaboration is at the core of this meeting. It's a space where strategic partnerships are forged, and the collective wisdom of stakeholders converges to shape impactful projects for the region. 


CEOs of global companies, local businesses, and MSMEs will collaborate with international organizations, NGOs, government officials, and local communities to explore solutions to global challenges. 


By leveraging synergies between different sectors, IDB Invest Sustainability Week 2024 aims to catalyze positive change and drive forward the agenda of sustainable development.

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More than just another event, it's a movement towards a more sustainable future. It's a call to action, reminding participants of the profound impact their actions and decisions today will have on the world of tomorrow.


It's about embracing concrete technological advancements, business models, and operations to address environmental and social challenges head-on. 


This gathering seeks to create win-win solutions that benefit businesses and the planet by integrating sustainable practices into private-sector decision-making.


Scaling Impact is about connecting ambitious sustainability strategies, discovering effective tools, and exploring tangible business opportunities. 


Our activities during these days will revolve around five topics, or tracks, as we call them: 


  1. Impact Investing: By integrating social and environmental considerations alongside financial returns, impact investing harnesses the power of capital to drive meaningful change. From transformative investment strategies to fostering innovation and resilience, impact investing is critical to addressing global challenges while generating lasting value for society and the environment.


  2. Climate Change: Urgent action on climate change is imperative, and this event serves as a platform to galvanize efforts in this direction. Collaboration across sectors and countries is crucial to developing innovative solutions, building resilience, and seizing new business opportunities in a changing climate.


  3. Amazonia: The Amazon region takes center stage as discussions revolve around promoting sustainable development while safeguarding its invaluable ecosystems. From enhancing regional economies to protecting biodiversity, this gathering will explore the private sector's pivotal role in driving prosperity and attracting new financing to this critical region.


  4. Inclusion: Creating environments where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute is crucial. By embracing sustainable practices and investing in workforce development, businesses can play a pivotal role in facilitating a fair transition towards a more inclusive society.


  5. Bioeconomy: The bioeconomy represents a transformative approach to sustainable development, harnessing the power of biological resources to meet societal needs while preserving ecological balance. Sustainability Week delves into the potential of bioeconomy initiatives in driving economic growth, job creation, and environmental stewardship, calling for private sector collaboration and policy support to unlock its full potential.


As part of the IDB Group program Amazonia Forever, the private sector gathers at the heart of the ´lungs of the planet´ to share and magnify the positive effects of sustainable business models, ensuring a deep and broad influence on the region and beyond.


With collaboration, movement, and scaling impact as guiding principles, IDB Invest Sustainability Week 2024 promises to catalyze transformative change worldwide and pave the way for a more sustainable and inclusive future for Latin America and the Caribbean.



Luiz Gabriel Azevedo

Luiz Gabriel Todt de Azevedo (Gabriel Azevedo) is the Chief Strategy Officer (a.i) of IDB Invest. During his 35+ year career in international devel

Financial Institutions

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