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Image showing a wood bridge in the middle of a jungle in Costa Rica
Traveling for Good: How Nature-Based Tourism & Regenerative Travel Can Drive Development

Nature-based & regenerative tourism make the common interests of travelers and impact investors intersect – they drive a genuine desire to pursue meaningful sustainability principles in the context of profitable projects.

Combo image of a group of students and a poor neighborhood in Latin America
IDB World: Citizen Urbanism, Teleworking with Gender Lenses, Glaciers & Sustainability

We are featuring three blog posts from the IDB Group on citizen urbanism, teleworking with a gender lens, and glaciers and sustainability.

Illustration of a group of migrants walking
IDB World: Bio-businesses in Amazonia, Migrants, The New Office

We present three blog posts from the IDB Group on biobusinesses in the Amazon, migration in the region, and the new post-Covid office.

Image of an indigenous young woman smiling
How Can Sustainability Teams Co-Create Shared Value with Indigenous Peoples?

To achieve development with identity and create value for indigenous peoples and the private sector, sustainability specialists in companies can access tools that facilitate co-creation and ensure that their business model and/or productive initiatives respect indigenous identity and create shared value for all involved.

Image showing a group of office workers talking in a circle formation
Developing a Common Language to Drive Circular Financing at Scale

The concept of circular economy has gained significant strength in recent years given its sustainable approach to promote the transition to models with practices that generate economic development without harming the environment and rather seek its regeneration. However, its application in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) still presents many challenges and in some cases it tends to go unnoticed.

Image showing a group of racially diverse office workers
IDB World: Alleviating the Credit Crunch, Helping the Galapagos, Electrifying Transportation

We present three blog posts from the IDB Group on methods to alleviate the credit crisis among SMEs, helping the energy transition in the Galapagos Islands, and the electrification of transport.