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Project number 12523-01
Country Bolivia
Sector Telecommunications, Media and Technology
Status In implementation
                                                                                        ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL ACTION PLAN
rEFERENCE Action DEscription Deliverable/ indicator of completion completion date

Develop an Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS), with a scope covering all activities financed under this investment, compliant with IFC Performance Standard 1

Documented ESMS with the following elements:

            (i) an overarching Environmental, Social, Health and Safety and Labor 

(ii) a description of the organizational lines of responsibility for implementation of the ESMS;

(iii) a summary of the regulatory contexts in which investment-related activities will occur, and lists of legal requirements—including those related to environmental permitting;

(iv) processes for identifying and documenting all risks and potential impacts related to PTI activities and those of its principal contractors, including screening of new and existing tower sites to determine if they overlap with legally protected areas or critical habitats for birds;

(v) management plans to mitigate identified risks, including a Contractor Management Plan (addressing health and safety of construction and maintenance crews), a Security Management Plan, a Pollution Prevention Plan (addressing secondary containment requirements for fuel storage at new and existing sites) and a Chance Finds Procedure;

(vi) protocols for mitigating potential impacts to birds from existing towers in PTI’s portfolio as well as newly acquired or constructed towers;

(vii) emergency preparedness and response plans, covering PTI’s employees as well as those of principal contractors;

(viii) stakeholder engagement processes, including procedures for ensuring potentially affected communities are adequately consulted and that any grievances are documented and addressed systematically by PTI staff;

(ix) monitoring and review mechanisms to ensure that employees and contractors perform their work in compliance with the ESMS;

(x) a reporting mechanism to ensure that PTI management and IDB Invest are kept informed of the performance of the ESMS.

** Prior to First Disbursement
n°2 Appoint a qualified E&S Manager with primary responsibility being to lead the development and implementation of the ESMS               CV and Terms of Reference for E&S Manager. Prior to Financial Close
For inquiries, comments and requests about the project

For inquiries, comments and requests about the project

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