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Melo Tacuarembo Transmission Line

Project number 12041-01
Country Uruguay
Sector Energy
Status In implementation
  1. E&S Action Plan







Conduct a public consultation process that contains: i) the description of the Project; ii) the description of the principal impacts and risks; iii) the description of the proposed management measures; iv) the description of the complaints and claims mechanism; and; v) a forum to gather the population’s impressions, suggestions, and observations.

Evidence (minutes, photographic records, etc.) of consultation events.

Before submitting the operation for consideration by the Board


Develop a Plan for Communication with Interested Parties that contains mechanisms so that any member of the community can express his or her comments or complaints and these are received and analyzed by company management, serving as a component for early solution of potential conflicts.

Communication Plan

Before the first disbursement


Implement the Construction Environmental Management Plan (EMP-C) that includes contractor companies and contains:

a)      The company’s sustainability policies.

b)      Legal compliance matrix.

c)       Identification of environmental and social risks and impacts, in particular:

·         Risk of affecting biodiversity.

·         Waste management. Authorizations.

·         Sources for supply of quarry materials, water, and other construction inputs.

d)      Establishment of compliance objectives.

e)      Establishment of programs and procedures.

f)       Establishment of budgets, responsibilities for compliance and training.

g)      Monitoring and control program

EMP-C. Evidence of implementation such as minutes from training,  legal compliance matrix, controls and monitoring

Before the first disbursement


Develop the Health and Safety Plan (HSP) to include subcontractor companies and that contains (at a minimum):

a)      Identification and evaluation of risks of accidents and occupational diseases.

b)      Safe working procedures including the description of personal protective gear.

c)       Road safety plan.

d)      Training plans.

e)      Procedures in emergency cases. Determination of courses of action according to physical location (emergency services, response services, authorities, etc.).

f)       Investigation of accidents and incidents

g)      Monitoring and control program.

HSP.  Evidence of implementation such as minutes from training, map of emergency and response services,  controls and monitoring

Before the first disbursement


Develop the CAO that contains (at a minimum):

a)      Procedures to be followed prior to start of work

b)      Courses of action in the case of discoveries

CAO Plan

Before starting work


Determine the quantity of greenhouse gases that will be generated by the Project in its construction phase and for each year of operation.

Determine the total volume of water to be consumed by the Project in the construction phase.

Tons of CO2 and m3 of water

Before the first disbursement


Develop the Operation Environmental Management Plan (EMP-O) that contains (at a minimum):

a)      Risks and contingencies during the operation with remediation measures in the event of environmental damages.

b)      Identification and evaluation of the risks of accidents and safe work procedures including description of personal protective gear.

c)       Biological monitoring, particularly birds and bats


Before start of the operation phase

For inquiries, comments and requests about the project

For inquiries, comments and requests about the project

Information Request