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Interagua Corporate Loan

Project number EC-L1159
Country Ecuador
Sector Water and Sanitation
Status In implementation

 6.      E&S Action Plan






Develop a Social and Community Policy which includes principles for a good social and community performance, and mitigates potential risks associated with operations and projects.


Management program

a.       Develop an Annual Social and Community Management Plan aligned with the investment plan as a guiding tool to define the action lines and social investment;

b.       Establish social and community performance indicators;

c.        Develop a Social Management Investment Program with action lines to invest, including the intervention areas, the execution schedule, annual goals, assigned budget, personnel in charge, etc.;

d.       Systematize annually the results of programs, projects and campaigns carried out to be used as an input during planning of social and community management activities.


External Communications and Grievance Mechanisms

a.       Update the design of Interagua’s website, separating technical information from information for the general public. This includes the use of accessible language to people of all education levels in a format that shows the results through graphs, summaries, pictures, testimonials from beneficiaries, etc.;

b.       Expand the use of social networks as a communication and receipt of complaints mechanism;

c.        Incorporate on the website, a monthly electronic newsletter with a summary of the ongoing projects according to the biweekly plan.


Monitoring and Review

a.     Develop an Annual Program of Internal Audits of Environmental, Social and OHS Management which includes the audit responsible, auditor profile, audit schedule, methodology, list of environmental and social performance indicators to be evaluated, feedback and lessons learned processes.

b.     Establish environmental and social performance indicators;

c.     Set the annual budget for the implementation of internal audits;

d.    Execute a biannual audit during the first year (2017) and an annual audit from 2018.


Working Conditions

a.     Reassess risks of routine activities of construction and operations workers;

b.     Update work procedures of the operational area according to the risks identified;

c.     Establish performance targets for the OHS indicators such as the frequency index and the severity index, and incorporating the impact index measurement to evaluate the results of induction and training activities.

d.    Develop a training program for workers in the operational areas on changes in procedures;

e.     Establish daily check sheets applicable at the start of routine tasks involving critical works.


Supply Chain

a.     Include, in contractors’ contracts, clauses establishing the obligation to comply with legal requirements regarding environmental, social, archaeological and occupational health and safety matters, including penalties associated with noncompliance.

b.     Implement an audit procedure for contractors aimed at assessing the environmental, social and occupational health and safety performance at the end of the contract;

c.     Systematize audit results.


Community Health and Safety

Prepare the Community Safety and Health Plan for construction activities including: a. Risk identification in construction activities that may affect communities; b. Description of roles and responsibilities; c. Flow chart of communication between Interagua, contractors and public entities; d. Description of programs, projects and procedures to reduce the risks and impacts on communities; g. Compliance indicators; f. Assigned budget; g. Overall implementation schedule;


Private Sector Responsibilities Under Government-Managed Resettlement

a.       Develop a policy and set of procedure that clearly delineate the responsibilities of Interagua and its contractors regarding land acquisition and / or resettlement

b.       Include as a contractual obligation the compliance procedure or protocol by contractors when projects include resettlement.


Private Sector Responsibilities Under Government-Managed Resettlement

a.      Develop an action plan for Interagua’s supervision of resettlement in projects led by EMAPAG.  The action plan should be aligned with Interagua’s policy (5.1), detail specific activities, and include a monitoring/supervision schedule along with details of the evidence/audit to be undertaken (confirmation of payment, evidence of relocation, identification of corrective actions, etc.) and its frequency.




a.      Develop a policy and procedure for biodiversity management that includes the need to include a biodiversity inventory, and a statement to develop a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) for projects located in protected area according to the Ecuadorian regulation;

b.      Establish as a contractual obligation to contractors the compliance of this procedure;

c.      Perform an induction to workers and contractors on the implementation of this procedure.



a.      EIAs need to be developed by a multidisciplinary team;

b.      Present the Reforestation Plan required under the Resolution 047-F-2016 specific to Xavier Salitral.

c.       Develop a biodiversity action plan for projects located in protected areas.  These plans  should include the Compensation Plan by identifying the area to compensate, the physical location of the proposed area and zone of influence, management indicators to assess changes in the project area and in the area of compensation;

d.      Environmental management plans (EMPs) of projects located in protected areas should be aligned to the Management Plans established by competent authorities.


Cultural Heritage

a.       Include in the contractors’ contract a clause referring to the compliance with the Archaeological Fortuitous Findings Management Procedure;

b.       Develop a procedure for managing fortuitous findings that includes a flow chart of action and communication at an internal and external level (Ministry of Culture);

c.        Ensure that environmental studies meet the legal requirements regarding the management of cultural heritage.

  [1] This is required under the Resolution 047-F-2016 specific to Xavier Salitral.

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For inquiries, comments and requests about the project

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