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Stephanie Oueda

Stephanie is the head of gender and diversity at IDB Invest, based in Washington, D.C. At IDB Invest, our goal is to improve lives. As Head of Gender and Diversity, Stephanie's role is to ensure that all operations have a positive impact in leading to a more gender-balanced society. Mainly, she focuses on the empowerment of women, although the role also covers the empowerment of men in the Caribbean. Under her leadership, this area of the organization now works on programs to include other underrepresented groups and increase other dimensions of diversity in order to work towards a more inclusive society. For example, the inclusion of people of African descent, LGBT +, indigenous people and people with disabilities. Stephanie has two master's degrees, one in economics and one in political science from the University of Montreal and the Sorbonne University, respectively.

Posts by Stephanie Oueda

Inclusion for the LGBTQ+ Community: A Smart Business Decision

Companies that disregard the rights and concerns of the LGBTQ+ community are voluntarily foregoing potential expansion of their business and failing to recruit talent from among a group that includes some of the most qualified people in the region.

A Return to Office without Returning to Same Old Discrimination Patterns

Mass telework has been good for many minority employees who feel less emotional labor while working outside the office. Companies looking to stop minority employees from joining the Great Resignation must ensure that old, often subtle, discrimination patterns are erased.

Inclusive Growth for all, Including Diverse Populations

Ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ+ population and women make up most of the residents in Latin America and the Caribbean, but still face barriers to access formal employment. Leaving this population behind is preventing Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) to reach its full potential.

Five Steps to Develop an Effective Gender, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Many companies in the region come up with excellent gender, diversity and inclusion initiatives but don't have an adequate strategy, or they have the strategy but still lack the initiatives to implement it. Here are five steps that companies can take to make it all fit together.

How to Invest in Women in Value Chains?

Women-led companies are key to generating diversity and dynamism in business and value chains. But there is a long way to go. Only by adopting measures with measurable incentives will it be possible to open markets to inclusion.

Mujer trabajando en oficina
How to Create More Economic Opportunities for Women through the Private Sector

Companies can close the gender gap by creating employment and skills for women and promoting access to financing and facilitating access to markets for women entrepreneurs. IDB Invest can help in this process.