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Joan Miquel Carrillo

Joan Miquel is a Blended Finance Lead Investment Officer in the Financial Products and Services Division at IDB Invest and is based in Washington DC. Joan Miquel joined IDB Invest in 2017 and since 2018 acts as a focal point in the institution of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF). Joan Miquel participates in the design of blended finance solutions across the region with a focus on infrastructure and energy projects with a climate change mitigation or adaptation component. Prior to joining IDB Invest, Joan Miquel developed his professional career at Isolux Corsán Concesiones in the highway concession sector in Spain and Brazil and at Invall Green Energy in the development of wind farm projects in Spain and Eastern Europe. Joan Miquel has a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya – Barcelona Tech (Spain) and completed the Executive MBA of the ESADE Business School in Barcelona (Spain).

Posts by Joan Miquel Carrillo

Central de energía eólica
Innovative Incentives for Early Coal Plant Phase Out: The case of Engie in Chile

An example of how carbon markets can be a useful tool to accelerate the energy transition process in Latin America and the Caribbean.

How Power Batteries Can Accelerate Decarbonization

There can be no global shift to renewable energy without better storage technology. New solutions such as Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are emerging in the region to help build the business case for coupling this technology with renewables.

Climate Shareholders: Corporate Climate Action using Blended Finance in Equity Investments

Blended finance in equity investments can not only offer preferred returns to commercial investors, making deals in developing markets more attractive for them, but also bring to the decision-making table corporate climate action as a priority for companies of all sizes.

Can Solar Panels Be the Cellphones of the Future?

The tech revolution in solar energy, driving a significant drop in costs, is the best solution to the problem of connecting isolated communities to the power grid. These models, however, also provide a vision of a possible future with decentralized networks or even customers who not only consume energy but also produce and send it into the grid.

Let's Use Financial Engineering for Good, with a New Structured Product

At a time of difficulty, due to COVID-19 and climate change, innovative financial products are needed: for example, one that offers great liquidity and flexibility so that banks in Latin America and the Caribbean can reach social impact and climate commitments.

Pushing boundaries with blended finance in Latin America and the Caribbean
Pushing boundaries with blended finance in Latin America and the Caribbean

Every transition, every turning point, moves through critical junctures wherein a slight push determines the success or failure of a transformative proposal. Crossing the frontiers or staying in the same place. This applies to everything, from people to new business models or innovative financial solutions.