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Guide to Good Practices for Wastewater Management in the Agroindustrial Sector

The agro-industry is crucial for the global economy as it provides food, beverages, and essential products, playing a vital role in food security. However, it faces the challenge of properly managing wastewater, which contains elements that can be harmful to the environment and public health if not treated correctly.

To offer practical guidance on this topic, a Good Practice Guide for Wastewater Management in the Agro-industrial Sector has been developed. This document provides guidance to companies and decision-makers for planning, designing, and implementing effective wastewater management strategies, thus ensuring that projects maintain environmental quality in the areas where they operate.

In this webinar, the content of the Good Practice Guide will be presented, including concrete examples from the regional agro-industry, thereby contributing to the sustainability of the planet and to Sustainable Development Goal No. 6 in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This is a five-part document, available only in English for now. 

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