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Project number 12397-01
Country Haiti
Sector Manufacturing
Status In implementation

                                                                                               Environmental and Socia Action Plan

n°1 Development of ESMS

The company shall: a) appoint a third-party expert for development and implementation of the ESMS across all three plants and development of performance measurement of resource efficiency measures (solar, LNG, air emissions, etc.) with technical assistance from IDB Invest; b) submit the ESMS Manual along with unit/location wise implementation schedule to IDB Invest; c) Roll out the ESMS in accordance with the implementation schedule[1]; and d) Undertake “completion audit” of implementation. The ESMS shall be consistent with IFC Performance Standard (PS) requirements and shall be designed to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements as well as WBG General EHS guidelines, sector specific EHS guidelines (Plastics), and Good International Industry Practice (GIIP). The Corporate ESMS will also include procedure for Procedure for identification of risk and impact for new facilities.

[1] Implementation of the ESMS is a requirement of IDB Invest.  It does not require external certification.

One year post disbursement
n°2 EHS Officer and EHS Committee The company shall (a) assign/hire an assistant EHS coordinator/officer to assist in the implementation and the monitoring of all EHS related matters across plant; (b) appoint unit level EHS coordinators for each unit; and (c) define Corporate level EHS committee. 6 months post disbursement
n°3 OHS Enhancement The company will: (i) develop an action plan to enhance the use of PPE by its staff and contractors, which would include periodic refresher training, and regular monitoring of staff for appropriate usage of PPE as per its standard safety procedures; (ii) Develop a documented procedure for incident reporting that’s corporate-wide, including near misses, non-production related incidents taking place within the company premises and traffic incidents; and (iii) after completion of the new recycling facility, include the hazard identification and risk assessment (HIRA) process for all the activities across its units and reference within the new ESMS 6 months post disbursement 
n°4 Resource efficiency and pollution prevention monitoring The company will develop a plan and procedure for measuring and baselining resource use (principally water, and energy), emissions and ambient air quality, water quality, noise levels, and pollution generated as part of the ESMS development.  The plan will include baseline information and performance targets for improved resource efficiency and pollution prevention.  Targets will be reflective of the EHS guidelines and benchmarks required, and will be monitored quarterly throughout the investment period and beyond.  Plastech will maintain a chain of custody records for disposal of any hazardous wastes. 3 months post disbursement


For inquiries, comments and requests about the project

For inquiries, comments and requests about the project

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