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Project number 11937-02
Country Ecuador
Sector Manufacturing
Status In implementation

Innacensa, Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) – September 2016



Indicator of Compliance

Timeframe for Completion


Innacensa will prepare the respective environmental study before work begins, to obtain the environmental license.  

The study and license must be submitted to the IDB Invest

Before the third disbursement to start construction


Innacensa will conduct prior consultations with the community before the license is granted and during construction. It will maintain a record with photos, signatures, and invoices of publications.

Public consultations

Before beginning construction.


Innacensa will develop an Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) applicable to the construction and operation stage. The system must include the following components: (i) policy; (ii) identification of risks and impacts; (iii) management programs; (iv) organizational capacity and competence; (v) emergency preparedness and response; (vi) participation of social actors; and (vii) monitoring and evaluation.  Currently implemented programs may be part of this system.

Environmental and Social Management System

6 months after the first disbursement


Innacensa will develop a procedure in the event of chance discoveries in compliance with national legislation, which may be part of the ESMS.

Procedure in the event of change discoveries

3 months before beginning construction


Innacensa will require the project’s builder to also have an ESMS for construction.

Builder’s ESMS

3 months before beginning construction


Innacensa will develop specific occupational health and safety procedures, to include the construction and operation stage.

Update of the occupational health and safety procedures, including the construction stage

3 months before beginning construction


Innacensa will develop a new Emergency Plan applicable to the new site and will obtain the Fire Safety Permit for the new facilities.


Innacensa will continuously review the emergency exits and emergency exit signage at the plant.


Emergencies Plan and Fire Safety Permit for the new facilities

Before operations at the new site.



The internal work regulations will be updated at the corporate level to expand their scope to include Innacensa.  They are currently directed to Comandato only.

Human Resources Policy

9 months after the first disbursement


Innacensa will implement a grievance box at the plant facilities to provide a process for receiving anonymous complaints from employees.

Implement the box and inform employees about its use

Before the first disbursement


Innacensa will work on improving thermal comfort in the assembly and equipment testing area and on improving lighting, which is still deficient at some points.  Innacensa will follow the recommendations made by specialists.

Compliance with thermal comfort and lighting standards

Next audit of environmental and social issues


Innacensa will ensure that the current leaseholder relocates the family to a home with access to basic services and offers the father a job under conditions equal to or better than those at present.

Relocation of family and job for the father

Before construction


Innacensa must continue to offer training in first aid and occupational health and safety and must ensure that its contractors are included in this training.  The company must maintain control of the training sessions offered and the number of persons trained

Reports on training sessions and attendance



Innacensa will provide the plan and license for the wastewater treatment plant to the IDB Invest  prior to construction

Wastewater treatment plant plans and license

3 months before construction


Innacensa will design and implement a grievance mechanism for the community, which will be publicized and presented to those affected by the project.  Innacensa must maintain records of the complaints received and have a system for responding to them.

Complaints mechanism for the community

Before the first disbursement


Innacensa will develop an Access and Safety Plan for its locations in compliance with IFC Performance Standard 4.

Action and Safety Plan

Before the first disbursement


Innacensa will develop a Transportation Program at the corporate level for transportation providers, to include policies on driving and maintaining vehicles, a code of conduct for drivers, and safety evaluations.  

Transportation Program

6 months before the first disbursement


Innacensa will develop a system for managing contractors to ensure acceptable environmental, social, health, safety, and working conditions for the employees of contractors who offer food (training), transportation (staff maintenance and training) and safety (training and implementation of a code of conduct). 

Contractors’ Management System

6 months before the first disbursement

For inquiries, comments and requests about the project

For inquiries, comments and requests about the project

Project inquiries