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IDB Invest upholds the highest standards of integrity, transparency and accountability. We require this of our clients and we require it of ourselves.


A robust ethical framework aims to level the playing field for business. It strengthens the private sector’s ability to operate fairly and enables it to have a bigger impact in the region’s long-term development.
Corruption, by contrast, erodes democratic values, weakens public confidence and drives away private investment.

As part of the IDB Group, IDB Invest puts its commitment to integrity into practice through a framework of rigorous policies and procedures for our staff and clients. This includes environmental and social safeguards to guide our activities and high corporate governance standards to support companies prevent fraud and abuse.

Our commitment with these issues goes beyond our region. We are part of broad-based international efforts to promote integrity and transparency throughout the world, including:


  • International Financial Institutions Anti-Corruption Task Force, which developed the Uniform Framework for Preventing and Combating Fraud and Corruption.
  • Agreement for Mutual Enforcement of Debarment Decisions, by which the participating financial institutions pledge to enforce each other’s sanctions against corruption.

IDB Group constantly updates a list of sanctioned firms and/or individuals that have been found engaging in fraudulent, corrupt, collusive, coercive or obstructive practices.


IDB Invest’s Access to Information Policy (2020) reaffirms and reflect our commitment to transparency in the exercise of our activities.  The Policy is governed by the principle of maximizing access to information, while understanding the nature and sensitivity of the data we receive from the clients.

We disclose information about our investments, including the client's contact information, the expected development outcomes and the environmental and social review, through our Projects site. In addition, for high-risk projects, we disclose the client's environmental and social studies.

IDB Invest prioritizes proactive engagement, operational transparency and accountability. Interested parties may request additional information or lodge grievances related to IDB Invest financed operations through our Engagement and Response Platform

Engagement and Response Platform

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In order to comply with the highest standards of integrity and transparency, our activities are monitored by the following independent offices: