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  • Financing trade to accelerate the economic recovery of Latin America

    Accelerating the region’s recovery through trade finance

    About 90% of global trade depends on some type of financing, mainly in the short-term. Today more than ever, companies in Latin America and the Caribbean need to finance their trade operations to be more resilient and sustainable in the long-term.

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    Amid the Pandemic, Financial Institutions Need Support from Governments, Development Banks

    Governments and multilateral development banks in Latin America & the Caribbean are playing a critical role in supporting financial institutions amid the pandemic, but must be ready to up the ante as the ultimate effects of the lockdown measures become evident in the financial sector, especially key microfinance institutions

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  • Inclusion Financiera

    Financial Institutions Are Withstanding the Crisis, but Uncertainty About the Future Persists

    Financial systems in Latin America & the Caribbean are performing well in times of COVID-19, and are better prepared for the crisis than ever; however, this doesn't mean that they are immune, and a protracted downturn may test their resilience

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    Two Successful Models for Promoting Banking Digitalization: The Cases of Colombia and Peru

    The success of online platforms in the Colombian banking system offers a clear example of how private enterprises can optimize services, expand their customer base, and enhance social inclusion. In Peru, the process has been slow but comprehensive, aiming for a transition to "open banking."

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  • Does Access to Credit Make People Better or Worse Off?

    Does Access to Credit Make People Better or Worse Off?

    Traditional credit screening approaches are based on qualifications that many low-income applicants do not have: credit histories, collateral, and verifiable income streams. What if these applicants could be assessed differently?

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  • Six LatinFinance 2019 Awards Recognizing IDB Invest's Efforts

    Six LatinFinance 2019 Awards Recognizing IDB Invest's Efforts

    LatinFinance magazine has selected six IDB Invest projects among the year's best, lauding the organization’s commitment with the private sector in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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