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Rodrigo Navas

Rodrigo is the Director of the Manufacturing team at IDB Invest, a role he assumed in 2016. He is responsible for strategy development, business plans, client management, and transaction structuring for the Manufacturing sector in Latin America and the Caribbean. His professional career in international finance spans over twenty-five years in financial institutions in the local banking sector in Costa Rica, regional, global, and multilateral. In his 20 years at the IDB Group, he has led multiple operations in most countries across the region and different economic sectors. His experience includes the development of lending and capital markets operations. Rodrigo holds a bachelor's degree from Universidad Fidelitas and a master's degree from Universidad FUNDEPOS, both in Business Administration with emphasis in Finance and Banking.

Posts by Rodrigo Navas

Una mujer sentada frente a monitores de computadora
Manufacturing 4.0: Digital Transformation as a Catalyst to Accelerate Development 

Contributing 15.7% to the regional GDP, the manufacturing sector is a fundamental driver for the economies of Latin America and the Caribbean countries. New technologies are radically changing the way of production and becoming critical factors for the sector's competitiveness and resilience in the current market context.

Banner image showing a factory worker wearing helmet.
How to Promote the Digital Transformation of Manufacturing in Latin America and the Caribbean

The digital transformation of the manufacturing sector in Latin America and the Caribbean is key to more sustainable economic development and higher productivity and inclusion in the global economy. A study conducted by IDB Invest with 35 local companies helps us understand where we are and where we want to go.

Four Ways to Put the Circular Economy to Work for Your Company

The circular economy is tailor-made to tackle climate change and to shepherd the limited natural resources we depend on. In past years, we have seen a tremendous uptake of this agenda in the region, both in terms of policies and public initiatives as well as private sector action.

Pharma Is Helping Us See the Light at the End of the COVID-19 Tunnel

Currently, the top priority in Latin America and the Caribbean is the massive vaccination campaigns. However, we cannot ignore the fact that we need to increase our support to the pharmaceutical sector, which ultimately is the one showing us the light at the end of the tunnel.

How to Protect Global Supply Chains Using Trade Finance

In times of economic crisis, we must emphasize short-term loan solutions and credit guarantees that mitigate the risks for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and the countries in the region most impacted by the lack of financing and liquidity.

Innovation during COVID-19: If You Want Something New, Stop Doing Something Old

In discussions about innovation, the focus should be on creating better processes and technologies that allow for increased productivity and value creation. There's no need to reinvent the wheel or the iPhone, but simply to make use of creativity in the region to fast-forward its exit from the crisis.