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Rodolfo Stucchi

Rodolfo Stucchi is Head of Development Effectiveness for the Andean Region and the Southern Cone at IDB Invest, and Visiting Professor at the University of San Andrés (Argentina). His areas of specialization are economic development, labor economics, and public policy evaluation. In the past, he served as Head of Monitoring and Evaluation at IDB Invest, Senior Economist at the Inter-American Development Bank (in the United States, Chile, and Bolivia), consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank (both in the United States ), postdoctoral researcher at the Georg-August-Universitat-Goettingen (in Germany), and Economist at the Government of the Province of Córdoba (Argentina). Rodolfo is a Doctor in Economics from the Carlos III University of Madrid and a Bachelor of Economics from the National University of Córdoba.

Posts by Rodolfo Stucchi

Una joven en su tienda de comestibles
New Data Shows What Drives Business Growth in Colombia

Only about a quarter of Colombian companies created in 2017 were still operating in 2022, of which only 6% (4,600) grew. What are the drivers behind businesses that not only survive but thrive? Our new report with Confecámaras starts digging into the data, focusing on growth factors, job creation, and gender gaps.

Image of a plumber working on a dish washer
The Liquid of Life: Estimating the Health Impacts of Water and Sanitation Services in Brazil

Access to clean water and sanitation clearly has a positive impact on people’s health. It is still important to measure the magnitude of these benefits to truly understand this impact and help guide private sector investments to where they are needed most, as shown in our new study focused on Brazil.

Can Digital Credit Boost E-commerce among MSMEs?

Reaping the rewards of e-commerce is a challenge for many MSMEs. The solution may lie in the so-called “digital credit” offered by fintech companies within commercial platforms that bypass traditional banks.