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Olga Cantillo

Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Panama Stock Exchange, SA, Olga Cantillo has 30 years of professional experience in the financial industry, specializing in banking and securities markets, and has been in charge of investment and banking operations responsibilities in local and regional financial institutions. She's also Vice President of the Ibero-American Federation of Stock Exchanges (FIAB), Secretary of the Association of Capital Markets of the Americas (AMERCA), Director of the Association of Central Securities Deposits of the Americas (ACSDA), Independent Director of BI Bank Panamá, head of Fundación Calicanto, Founding Associate of the Directors Association of Panama, and member of Renaissance Executive Forums Panama.

Posts by Olga Cantillo

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Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) factors have evolved from externalities to key components of business models, and integral elements of corporate strategies.

ESG Factors (2): How Emerging Markets Can Benefit

Disclosure and transparency on the management of ESG factors provides companies with added value, as many investors are building investment portfolios with ESG factors where only companies that meet certain criteria are eligible.

ESG Factors (1): What's in It for You If You Are in Emerging Markets?

The point of ESG principles is that they should be integrated into company strategy, for the benefit of shareholders and stakeholders, including investors in emerging markets. Non-financial risk disclosure is following the same historical trend as the financial risk report.