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Manufacturing jobs have traditionally been a stepping stone to the middle class.

While the industry faces significant challenges from global competition, advancing technology and increased automation, it continues to be an important source of jobs and economic development.

Manufacturing accounts for over 10 percent of overall employment in Latin America and the Caribbean. The performance and scale of the manufacturing sector vary widely from country to country. Just three countries—Argentina, Brazil and Mexico—account for the majority of the region’s total manufacturing output. Many economies still have a long way to go to achieve the level of productivity, efficiency and innovation they need to be able to thrive.


At IDB Invest, we want to better equip manufacturing companies to increase innovation, improve efficiency and boost productivity—in short, to grow and compete, and in the process create jobs all along the value chain.

We provide a range of financial solutions and advisory services for companies that make products as different as baby wipes and steel. As in all areas of our business, we look for investment opportunities that will not only generate a return, but also create a positive impact, whether by expanding employment, addressing a social need or improving environmental performance.

As part of the IDB Group, we have a deep commitment to the development of Latin America and the Caribbean, our sole region of focus. Our strong local presence helps us understand the different circumstances, challenges and opportunities in each country and target our services to most effectively meet them.


BID Invest financia la llegada del Grupo Durli a Paraguay para apoyar la industria del cuero

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