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(Executive Summary) How New Technologies Are Transforming Health Industry in Latin America and the Caribbean

The healthcare industry and systems are critical to the region's development. The evolution and development of this industry have an exponential impact on countries' economies as it forms the basis of the productive chain of any society. The pandemic is clear proof of the dependence and importance of this sector, wherein the face of the health crisis experienced in 2020, significant losses, and collapse have stricken productive and economic models. The industry's reaction to the pandemic was a turning point to a radical change, as it was forced to engender an accelerated evolution, transforming its operation and resorting to digital health through new technologies and tools that allowed its continuity despite the distancing requirements.

As we examine the impact and potential of various key technologies in this report, it is important to understand that we are dealing with an interconnected ecosystem that is growing in complexity and scale. Advances in one area, such as Artificial Intelligence or Automation, are fed back and amplified in constructive collaboration with others, such as Big Data or the Internet of Things, resulting in a multiplier effect on value generation. This report aims to highlight how this technological interconnection is reshaping the economic and social context in LAC, providing an analysis that goes beyond the current situation to forecast how new technologies will continue to shape the region over the next decade.


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