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2022 Partnership Report: Envisioning a New Future Together

In 2022, the IDB made significant strides in building and consolidating partnerships with a diverse group of stakeholders, aligning objectives and actions under a broad vision of helping Latin America and the Caribbean achieve sustainable and inclusive development. 

Among the key areas of focus for the IDB in 2022 were reinvigorating climate action and addressing the social issues hindering the regions recovery. The Bank recognized the importance of including non-traditional actors in these efforts, creating new spaces for collaboration, and generating innovative solutions. With this in mind, the IDB expanded its range of financial and partnership tools and enhanced resource management to maximize its development impact. 

The 2022 Partnership Report demonstrates the IDBs unwavering commitment to partnerships and its efforts to use its financial and collaboration tools to maximize development impact in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Banks collaborative efforts with stakeholders are instrumental in promoting sustainable growth and creating a more prosperous region.

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