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Nora Lambrecht

Nora Lambrecht is a climate risk officer in the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance Division of IDB Invest. She previously worked in the area of public policy, particularly in the development of sustainable practices to mitigate climate change and the implementation of circular economy strategies at HeidelbergCement. Before working in the materials sector, Nora gained experience in management consulting, corporate strategy, and at the Council of the European Union. Nora has an interdisciplinary background, having studied energy and climate policy and international relations at SOAS London, UC Berkeley, and University College Maastricht, and a degree in economics from Cambridge University. Nora is a member of the Global Shapers Community, a World Economic Forum (WEF) initiative.

Posts by Nora Lambrecht

Una joven indígena de la Amazonía
Climate Change and Amazonia: A Crucial Crossroad for a Sustainable Future

IDB Invest Sustainability Week 2024, at the heart of Amazonia, convenes diverse sectors, institutions and countries across Latin America and the Caribbean to explore creative ways of grappling with this global challenge.

Un agricultor utiliza una aplicación para controlar sus cultivos
Cutting-edge Data for  Agricultural Resilience: Introducing AGRIADAPT

How can agribusinesses proactively navigate the effects of climate change and become more resilient? By unlocking the potential of data.  IDB Invest has created AGRIADAPT, a tool based on cutting-edge agricultural and climate data that provides customized climate vulnerability analysis and adaptation recommendations.

Climate Action Beyond Net Zero Emissions: the Challenge of Adaptation

Climate risks are rising. To limit or avoid climate impacts companies must embed adaptation into their climate strategies and invest in resilience. Adaptation finance and advisory services are key to drive climate resilience in the private sector.

Addressing Climate Risk: Five Steps to Get Started

The pandemic has given us all a crash course in dealing with crises, becoming a sneak peak into what a man-made global disaster that disproportionately impacts the poor and vulnerable can cause. Climate change can be very similar, and knowing how to navigate and gauge its risks even harder.

The Case for Unlocking the Circular Economy in Latin America and the Caribbean
The Case for Unlocking the Circular Economy in Latin America and the Caribbean

Circular economy (CE) presents an opportunity for an inclusive and resource-smart future. It is also a chance for Latin America and the Caribbean to depart from an incremental into a transformative change.