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María Lucrecia Monge

María Lucrecia Monge is currently Commercial Director of Women's products at G&T Continental. She is responsible for the development of a holistic program, both internally and commercially, for SMEs led by women in Guatemala. María Lucrecia has worked in the construction industry, as Key Account Manager in the telecommunications industry and as Coordinator of an Entrepreneurship Center at the academy. Since 2015, she has been actively participating as an assistant professor in business, entrepreneurship and marketing courses for Business Administration, Psychology, Gastronomy and Entrepreneurship degree course at the Francisco Marroquín University. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and business as a driver of the local economy, a marketing enthusiast, an avid reader and a life-long learner. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialty in Marketing and an Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship, both from the Francisco Marroquín University.

Posts by María Lucrecia Monge

The Winning Formula for Businesswomen: Financing + Training = Success

The future of female entrepreneurship is key to the recovery of the region's economies. Women in business face many obstacles, not least of which is financing; however, when asked, a lack of training emerges as a recurring problem.