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Juliana Martínez

Juliana Martínez is an associate professor in the World Languages and Cultures Department at American University (Washington, D.C), where she is also part of the advisory board of the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies program; and she is an affiliated researcher at the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies, and the Center for Anti-Racist Research and Policy. In addition, she is Director of Research and Consulting for Sentiido, a Colombian organization that specializes in sexual and gender diversity. Juliana researches, writes and teaches about sexual and gender diversity, feminisms, trans and gender studies; and equity, diversity and inclusion.

Posts by Juliana Martínez

Inclusion for the LGBTQ+ Community: A Smart Business Decision

Companies that disregard the rights and concerns of the LGBTQ+ community are voluntarily foregoing potential expansion of their business and failing to recruit talent from among a group that includes some of the most qualified people in the region.