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Gabriela Aparicio

Gabriela Aparicio is a Development Effectiveness Officer in the Development Effectiveness Division (DVF) of IDB Invest, where she works in the structuring, supervision, and evaluation of projects in the manufacturing, tourism, and agroindustry sectors, as well as in the production of knowledge products. Prior to joining IDB Invest she worked as a consultant in the Office of Strategic Planning and Development Effectiveness, and the Research Department of the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB), and as a Junior Professional Associate at the World Bank. She has a PhD in Economics from the George Washington University.

Posts by Gabriela Aparicio

Un apicultir pesando un panal.
Equipment, Training and Queens: Helping Beekeepers in Mexico  Boost Climate Resilience 

How can we help small beekeepers in Latin America and the Caribbean strengthen productivity and climate resilience? According to a recent IDB Invest evaluation of a pilot program in Mexico, by providing them with a combination of basic inputs and training. But most importantly, queen bees. Through this approach, producers managed to increase honey production, yields, and the number of hives in their colonies and adopted best practices in hive management, boosting resilience to future climate events.

How can Anchor Companies Boost Access to Finance for Their MSME Suppliers?

Increasing access to alternative sources of financing for credit-constrained MSMEs is critical, and supply chain finance has emerged as a viable solution. Reverse factoring—whereby the supplier sells its invoices to a financial intermediary for fast cash, and the buyer guarantees payment of these invoices—shows particular promise.

How to Promote Energy Efficiency in the Private Sector

Energy efficiency is critical for Latin America and the Caribbean, historically characterized by high energy consumption and low productivity. Lessons learned from promoting energy efficiency practices among firms can help guide strategies moving forward.

Drawing On The Past To Improve The Region’s Future
Drawing On The Past To Improve The Region’s Future

Lessons from ‘Groundhog Day’: Learning from the past enhances our ability to generate impact in the region and maximize value for clients.