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Fabio Fagundes

Fabio is Division Chief, Financial Products and Services at IDB Invest, which he joined in 2016. He is responsible for the syndication, foreign trade financing, equity and mezzanine investments, blended finance, debt capital markets and structured finance business strategy. Before joining the IDB Group, he worked at the Wholesale Banking Office of Banco Real in Brazil and at ABN AMRO Bank in London, both positions international in scope. He worked as Global Mobilization Director of Trade Assets at Grupo Santander in Madrid. Fabio has more than 25 years of experience in the international financial sector. Fabio earned an Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA) from TRIUM, an alliance among the Stern Business School at New York University (NYU), the London School of Economics (LSE) and HEC Paris Business School. He holds an MBA in finance from Instituto Brasileiro de Mercado de Capitais and a graduate degree in foreign trade from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Posts by Fabio Fagundes

Trabajador de la construcción
Mobilizing Private Capital for Sustainable Infrastructure

Climate-related investments needed in the region through the end of the decade stand at between $470 billion and $1.3 trillion. Governments are unable to fund such amounts, so they are increasingly turning to the private sector to raise capital and relieve the pressure.

Building Sustainable Value Chains to Ensure Sustainable Growth

Covid-19 disruptions, aggravated by the ongoing environmental crisis, have put value chains in the international spotlight, drawing public and private sector’s attention to the need of stronger value chain security and a stronger focus on sustainability. ESG performance has become a central part of this discussion, as the world strives to building more secure and sustainable value chains.

How to Support SMEs Joining Global Trade and Value Chains

The incorporation of emerging market SMEs into global trade and value chains brings important benefits and opportunities for the economic development of countries and companies.