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Diana Carrillo Sosa

Diana Carrillo Sosa is an Analyst in Debt Capital Markets and Structured Finance at IDB Invest. Before joining IDB Invest she worked in private equity, venture capital, and impact investing. She defines her professional goal as developing and supporting solutions that contribute to climate change mitigation and social justice. Diana earned a master’s degree in psychology of Economic Life from the London School of Economics and Political Science and has a undergraduate degree in finance from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México.

Post in Diana Carrillo Sosa

Three Ways to Protect the Sustainability-Linked Bond Market

The risks involved in sustainability-liked bonds often focus on insufficiently robust and ambitious targets and KPIs, improperly crafted incentives and structural loopholes. All these can be alleviated with better monitoring of issuers.

Fighting Greenwashing & Other Risks in the Sustainability-Linked Bond Market

Sustainability-linked bonds provide issuers with much leeway for the use of proceeds and market participants are getting a better understanding of their risks and rewards, as well as how they can be “gamed”. Green-washing is only one of several risks looming.