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Cristina Simón

Cristina leads the Social Infrastructure Team at IDB Invest, which she joined in 2018. She is responsible for developing strategies and business plans, and for client management and structuring of transactions in the health and education sectors in Latin America and the Caribbean. Before joining the IDB Group, she worked at Deloitte for ten years in Colombia, Brazil and Spain as Director of Infrastructure Finance and Public-Private Partnerships and Director of Infrastructure Advisors. She previously worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Infrastructure, Government and Public Services Department in Madrid, Spain. Cristina earned a master’s degree in corporate finance and investment banking from Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (IEB) in Madrid (Spain) and a professional degree in business administration and Management from Universidad Complutense de Madrid (CUNEF) (Spain).

Posts by Cristina Simón

A healthcare professional with a smartphone
Digitalization for Inclusive, Efficient and Fair Healthcare

Adopting new technologies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare space can reduce the incidence of chronic diseases, facilitate the early detection of serious illnesses, and help promote healthy habits among the population.

Estudiantes en el aula con una tablet
Will technology transform education? Certain conditions apply

New digital tools in education are a source of innovation, progress, and efficiency. But only with investment, vision, and commitment will we benefit from their full potential.

Virtual Education: Challenges and Opportunities

Virtual education, in many ways a result of the pandemic, is creating many challenges and opportunities in the region, including the rise of hybrid education models with a face-to-face element. New approaches to student management and monitoring are essential.

Five Challenges for Infrastructure Financing with Private Involvement

PPPs in Latin America & the Caribbean may face challenges related to the depth of financial markets, the incentives and mechanisms for investor diversification, the environment for private investment, and underlying project and contract structures.

Climate change, also a health issue
Climate Change is Also a Health Issue

Climate change is affecting a number of environmental and social aspects that have direct and indirect impacts on human health. Understanding these impacts can be critical to achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

The Private Sector: a Key Player in the Acceleration of the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

The global COVID-19 vaccination campaign will be the largest in history and the delivery of vaccines brings major challenges of scale and speed. Here’s three ways in which the private sector in Latin America and the Caribbean has a strategic role to play in that process.