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Cristina Parilli

Cristina Parilli is currently working at IDB Invest’s Development Effectiveness team, focusing on impact management for the bank’s private sector investments, providing technical assistance to clients, with a special focus on behavioral interventions, and supporting IDB Lab operations. Prior to joining IDB Invest, Cristina was a Graduate Consultant at the IDB’s Behavioral Economics Group. As a Fulbright Scholar, she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Master’s in Behavioral and Decision Sciences. She is also a Chevening Scholar with a Master’s in Public Policy from the University College London (UCL). For the past years, Cristina has worked on impact evaluation with organizations such CAF – Development Bank of Latin America and the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie).

Posts by Cristina Parilli

Image of a plumber working on a dish washer
The Liquid of Life: Estimating the Health Impacts of Water and Sanitation Services in Brazil

Access to clean water and sanitation clearly has a positive impact on people’s health. It is still important to measure the magnitude of these benefits to truly understand this impact and help guide private sector investments to where they are needed most, as shown in our new study focused on Brazil.

Nudging People to Save Water through the Private Sector

World Water Day offers a chance to reflect on a vital resource that many of us take for granted: water. While changing people’s water consumption habits is not easy, strategies designed with human behavior in mind can help