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Our Sustainability Goals

To maintain our focus on development impact, we promote, target, and strategically select our
operations. Our main sustainability-related corporate goals for 2022 include:


  • 30% of our financing to support MSME's access to finance
  • 30% of our financing to foster green growth through climate finance
  • 30% of our transactions have a gender, diversity, and inclusion component
  • 10% of financing in small and island countries
  • 40% of our portfolio in small and vulnerable countries, by 2025

Key Highlights

  • 12.4 million tons of CO2e emissions reduced through IDB Invest investments, 2016–2021
  • AU$50 million of blue bonds issued in support of UN Sustainable Development Goal 6: expanding clean water and sanitation to people in the region
  • Around $500 million mobilized by structuring and buying gender bonds

Case Studies

Integrating climate risk management into microfinance in Guatemala

Fundación Génesis Empresarial is renowned for its work in responsible financial inclusion, helping generate social impact through its financial products. The foundation covers 22 states in Guatemala – a country highly vulnerable to climate change – and reaches over 240,000 clients, of which 85% are in rural areas and 76% are women.

Using its own robust methodology and expertise of the region and agricultural sector, Génesis Empresarial identifies farmers’ specific financial needs, the opportunities to improve their living conditions, and the measures needed to reduce agricultural losses due to climate change.

Together with IDB Invest, Génesis Empresarial has further strengthened its approach by implementing a climate risk management system to pinpoint the risks small producers face and offer specific solutions and technical support to build resilience. For instance, the system estimates climate vulnerability, crop sensitivity in specific locations, and the producer’s adaptability. The system is integrated with the credit assessment process to better manage overall portfolio risk, and enables permanent monitoring and updating of climate risks.

IDB Invest provided a loan equivalent to $20 million to Fundación Génesis Empresarial to support increased access to financing for the country’s MSMEs. As of 2022, more than 17,000 agricultural microentrepreneurs have been supported through this partnership. Farmers have been able to sell their products within food industry value chains, generating continued income for their families and moving forward on their development path away from poverty.

Developing the cacay nut industry in Colombia

Grupo Kahai is the first company in the world to grow, process, and distribute the cacay nut, produced by a tree native to the Amazon region in the Colombian Orinoquía. Rich in protein and minerals, these highly nutritious nuts are consumed or processed into flour and oil for use in the food and cosmetics industries.

Grupo Kahai’s mission is to establish cacay as a source of sustainable economic development for Colombia through Agrocacay, S.A.S. (Agrocacay). IDB Invest provided a loan with blended finance resources from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Climate-Smart Agriculture Fund of up to $3.1 million to Agrocacay to plant and maintain more than 100,000 cacay trees.

As of 2022, the project has reforested 250 hectares of land (over halfway to the 415 hectares expected by project end). This brings the total of land reforested under Kahai’s management to 650 hectares, on target with expectations. In addition, the replanting will promote adaptation and climate change mitigation through the recovery of degraded land with a native tree. The expectation is that 62,250 tons of CO2e will be captured during the life of the plantations. Small farmers also stand to gain through improved incomes thanks to their inclusion in the budding cacay market.

In 2021, Kahai purchased seven tons of nuts (equivalent to 70 tons of fresh fruit, a 14% increase from the previous year) from small farmers and sold over 13,000 trees to farmers to integrate them into the supply chain.

IDB Invest also supported Agrocacay with an analysis of E&S risks, as well as the design of an action plan focused on implementation of a robust E&S management system, labor and working practices, and the adoption of pollution prevention and biodiversity protection measures that will be monitored throughout the project.

This family business is also implementing improvements to its governance as part of this project, including strengthening the structure and operation of its Board of Directors, creating a succession plan for key people, and strengthening its control environment. Grupo Kahai won an Environmental Finance 2021 IMPACT Award and was the runner-up for the 2022 Emprender.

Promoting the recovery of nature-based tourism in Latin America

Explora is a sustainable tourism exploration and hospitality company based in Chile. Founded in 1993, the company is a certified B-Corporation with seven lodges in remote and iconic locations in Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia. It is a pioneer of the ecotourism concept and embraces the commitment to preserve and conserve nature and ecosystems.

In June 2022, we extended a $23 million corporate loan to support the company’s growth and recovery from COVID-19, as well as to finance the development of a nature reserve in Torres del Paine, Chile. Delivered under an innovative conservation model, the funds will help reactivate Explora’s tourism operations, while promoting employment and strengthening links with international markets and local suppliers.

The project, delivered in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, exemplifies a financially self-sustainable conservation model that catalyzes climate action and the protection of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

The conservation of over 6,000 hectares in Torres del Paine will be made possible through the development of a privately owned reserve that will be open to the public, and whose land and infrastructure costs, as well as the operational expenses, will be covered by an endowment from the sale of shares.

In addition, the land will be legally protected under a Chilean law conservation agreement (Derecho Real de Conservación), so that it can be conserved in perpetuity.

Integrating women-led SMEs into the textile supply chain in Honduras

Elcatex and San Juan Textiles, subsidiaries of Grupo Elcatex, are pioneers and leaders in the textile industry in Honduras. They are also pioneers in terms of building inclusive value chains that integrate women-led/owned SMEs as suppliers.

As part of the $96 million financing package, we provided advisory services to support increased purchasing from small businesses, especially those led or owned by women.

This included building awareness about the business benefits of gender-inclusive supply chains, securing management buy-in, and training procurement teams on inclusive sourcing.

This was coupled with performance-based financial incentives and concessional blended finance resources from the We-Fi initiative – a global alliance to support the growth of companies owned or led by women.

These incentives reward the client for increasing purchases from women-led/owned SME suppliers.  As a result, between 2020 and 2022, Elcatex more than doubled the number of women-led businesses in its value chains, increasing from 21 to 53.

Learn more about this project in this Client Impact DEBrief.


Sustainability Week 2022


With the global economy facing extraordinary ESG challenges, sharing knowledge and convening colleagues across countries and industries feels more important than ever. Our Sustainability Week (SW) aims to do just that.

Since its launch in 1999, SW has become the major environmental, social sustainability, and corporate governance knowledge platform for the private sector in LAC.


Our Reach in Numbers

  • 500 in-person attendees
  • 8,752 registered premium online participants
  • 17,000 video viewers online
  • 119,000 website visits
  • 4 million social media impressions
  • 4,430 hours of watched content

Key Highlights

  • 13,430 hours of training completed by IDB Invest employees in 2022
  • Gender Parity Taskforces launched in Chile, Argentina, Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Domenican Republic, and Ecuador in collaboration with the IDB Group
  • 77% waste diversion rate at IDB Invest headquarters

A Message From Our CEO

James P. Scriven, Director Ejecutivo de BID Invest"We must continue to act with urgency to tackle the pressing economic, environmental, and social challenges in the region and build a greener and more inclusive LAC.


In 2022, we provided crucial countercyclical support to help the region recover from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. We focused on climate, inclusion, and digitalization. We innovated through thematic bonds, de-risking solutions and technical assistance. We also doubled down on narrowing the region's long-standing digital divide. In doing so, we had a record year in terms of mobilization volume and product innovation. In terms of execution, 37% of transactions approved during the year had a gender, diversity, and inclusion component and climate financing reached 29% of our total own account commitments."

James Scriven, CEO