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IBGC’s Code of Best Practices of Corporate Governance

The 6th edition of IBGCs Code of Best Practices of Corporate Governance reinforces the importance of organizations defining their purpose to improve its decision-making process, performance, reputation, economic return and the longevity of its operations. Since 1999, the Code has been an important consultation and reference tool for organizations of different sizes, industries, legal natures, and levels of maturity, looking to adopt corporate governance best practices, inside and outside of Brazil.

Sponsored by IDB Invest and B3 and developed by the Instituto Brasilero de Governança Corporativa (IBGC), this Code update is the product of a detailed research and a stakeholder consultation process. The result is a publication oriented to bringing principles that are comprehensive for different organizations and take into account the greater relevance of environmental and social aspects in the decision-making processes.


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