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Climate Risk and Ports: A Practical Guide on Strengthening Resilience

While ports are naturally exposed to climate-related hazards such as storm surge or sea level rise, the level of exposure differs significantly from location to location, and the degree of vulnerability depends heavily on infrastructure design and specifications. A site- and asset-specific risk assessment allows port developers and operators to identify adaptation needs and prioritize investments in measures that enhance resilience. Such an assessment is the starting point to take advantage of the triple dividend that climate resilience can deliver.  

This guide helps port developers and operators create an action plan to build resilience and reduce the adverse consequences of climate-related events in and around port facilities. It provides information and analysis to better understand the climate context of a project, develop a risk assessment, formulate adaptation measures, and establish monitoring and evaluation procedures. It also provides the reader with supplementary materials through links, pop-up tables, infographics, and annexes with supplementary resources. 

For full functionality of the report we recommend to be used on Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Also download: 

• [Infographic 1] Climate Risk and Ports: Potential Climate Change Events and Impacts

• [Infographic 2] Climate Risk and Ports: Adaptation Actions in Ports

(The full guide and the infographics are available in English only).


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