IDB Invest provides advisory to Agexport to promote sustainable business in Guatemala

IDB Invest, a member of the IDB Group, signed an alliance with the Guatemalan Exporters Association, Agexport, to provide comprehensive advisory for the structuring of investments to increase climate resilience, decarbonization and sustainability in the agribusiness sector in Guatemala.

IDB Invest will support Agexport in building its internal capacities within its financial services agency, seeking to catalyze investment initiatives for the economic recovery of the country and the priority export sectors of Guatemala. To this end, Agexport personnel will be trained in the inclusion of critical sustainability components that are required to obtain international multilateral financing. The trainings will include environmental, social and cooperative governance aspects.

Additionally, a portfolio of high-impact investment projects will be identified and developed, with a focus on increasing climate resilience, sustainability in agricultural value chains, and economic development.

The export and agricultural sectors become fundamental pillars to face the new normal in the post COVID-19 economic reactivation, where the optimization of resources, cost reductions and risk management to compete in the market are essential.

To date, IDB Invest and Agexport have conducted several courses for Guatemalan companies, including a course for agro-export companies on Business Sustainability. This project is part of the response with which IDB Invest supports its allies, advising and promoting the transformation of economies to more sustainable models.

About IDB Invest
IDB Invest, a member of the IDB Group, is a multilateral development bank committed to promoting the economic development of its member countries in Latin America and the Caribbean through the private sector. IDB Invest finances sustainable companies and projects to achieve financial results and maximize economic, social and environmental development in the region. With a portfolio of $13.1 billion in asset management and 385 clients in 25 countries, IDB Invest provides innovative financial solutions and advisory services that meet the needs of its clients in a variety of industries.

About Agexport
The Guatemalan Exporters Association (Agexport) is a private non-profit entity, established in 1982. It represents, promotes and develops non-traditional exports of Guatemalan companies. Agexport has been an engine for the growth of Guatemalan exports, mediating processes and initiatives designed for exporting entrepreneurs. Agexport founded El Buró, Agexport's financial services agency, whose main objective is to help, advise and accompany exporting companies to obtain debt financing.