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GEMs Releases Groundbreaking Report on Recovery Rates for Private and Sub-Sovereign Borrowers in Emerging Markets

The Global Emerging Markets Risk Database (GEMs) Consortium, comprised of multilateral development banks and development finance institutions, has released a groundbreaking report on the recovery rates of investments in emerging markets and developing economies from 1994 to 2022.


This marks the first release of its kind with comprehensive statistics gathered from 25 members, including IDB Invest. The report, available for free on the GEMs website, builds on previously released default statistics reports and reflects the Consortium's dedication to providing essential data to support informed investment decisions.


“The new GEMs report contributes to demystifying perceived risks of investments in emerging markets and helps to build the MDB asset class. This is essential for IDB Invest’s new originate-to-share business model and will empower us to crowd in additional investor appetite to drive sustainable development and climate finance goals going forward,” said Rachel Robboy, Chief Risk Officer of IDB Invest.


The GEMs report fills critical gaps in credit information, offering valuable insights into markets where data is scarce. The Consortium seeks to boost private investment mobilization by facilitating access to reliable data, aligning with the G20's objectives.


The work of the GEMs consortium supports the growing work of the MDBs to operate as an ecosystem to achieve greater impact. With the release of these recovery statistics, the Consortium aims to empower both public and private sectors to make transformative investments in emerging markets and developing economies.


About IDB Invest

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