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Job title
CFO, Sacyr Concesiones

Last name
Jiménez Alfaro


As the Chief Financial Officer of Sacyr Concessions, Rodrigo has led the Finance Team in more than 20 successful P3 projects representing over AU$4 billion of capital raised worldwide.

Role on the Company: His supportive role has revealed crucial for achieving the financial development of a wide range of projects worldwide. In this regard, Rodrigo has been responsible for structuring the projects, procuring a proper management of risks, analyzing the most efficient financing options, leading decisive negotiations, and granting a secured finance close in each development.

Furthermore, he also assisted in analyzing the financing options and, ultimately, selecting the financial structure for different projects.

In the last few years, Rodrigo has also addressed exigent financing requirements in very complex situations (i.e. the crisis and post-crisis periods). In order to overcome these challenging scenarios, Rodrigo has supported on a variety of solutions, going from pursuit innovative financing methods, to the management of financial instruments allowing an efficient diversification of risks.