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Job title
Board member Marfrig

Last name
Silva Waack


Board member of Marfrig (second largest beef producer in the world) and Wise Plastics (largest plastic recycling company in Brazil). President of the board of Arapyau (philanthropic arm of Guilherme Leal). Member of advisory boards of Coalizao Brazil Clima, Florestas e Agricultura, WWF Brasil, Instituto Ethos and EcoFuturo (Suzano). Visiting Fellow at Chatham House (London), focusing in the areas of governance and externalities, “finance with purpose”, and innovation in environmental related economy.

Former CEO of Renova Foundation, the organization responsible for the reparation of the largest environmental disaster in Brazil, managing investments of U$$ 500+ million/year. Founder, shareholder, of Amata S.A., a Brazilian forest company, leading a U$$ 100 million private placement, former CEO and Chairman of the Board.

Former board member of Orsa Group (at the time, pulp producer and largest cardboard packaging Co in Brazil). Board member of civil society organizations such as GRI - Global Reporting Initiative, FSC - Forest Stewardship Council (chairman of the board for 3 years), Funbio – Brazilian Biodiversity Fund, Ipe Institute, Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance and others.

Long experience as C-Level executive of multinational and national organizations. Entrepreneur, founding enterprises in biotechnology and forest areas, with direct engagement in private placement, establishment of management teams and governance structures. Large experience in governance, acting as board member, in private and civil society organizations. Early engagement in sustainability and social environmental movements, acting in the interface of private with third sectors. Deep involvement in leading reparation of large environmental disaster. Biologist with a master’s degree in business administration by the University of Sao Paulo.

Founding member of the Brazilian Coalition of Climate, Forest and Agriculture, an initiative involving more than 250 companies and civil society organizations for advocacy in land use strategies. Founding member of Uma Concertação pela Amazônia, a movement involving hundreds of individuals (ministries, diplomats, governors, researchers and business leaders involved in institutional development of the region (including international arena related to climate change). Speaker and author of articles in Brazilian and international medias, covering areas such technology management, business strategy, governance and sustainability.