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Global Head of KPMG IMPACT, KPMG

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Richard is Global Head of KPMG IMPACT at KPMG. He has over 20 years’ experience in infrastructure policy, governance, strategy and financing, advising both public and private sector clients in the UK and overseas.

Richard began his career as a civil servant at the UK Department for Transport where he held positions in the road, rail and aviation directorates. Between 1996 and 1998 he was Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Transport and the Deputy Prime Minister. He subsequently moved to the Infrastructure Advisory team at Citigroup before joining KPMG, where he led the UK Infrastructure, Building and Construction sector until 2018.

Richard has an extensive network of contacts across the infrastructure, transport, utility, and construction markets and the related political, financial and legal communities, in the UK and internationally. His clients include national and local infrastructure and transport authorities, private infrastructure owners and promoters of infrastructure schemes. He has advised on the governance and financing of some of the world’s most complex civil engineering projects.

He has a long-standing reputation for leading clients through complex and politically high-profile transactions and providing strategic, financial and governance advice in relation to the delivery of infrastructure services and projects.

He has a particular interest in supporting the impending mobility revolution, promoting dialogue between the public and private sectors globally to maximize the social and economic benefits of autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles and mobility as a service.

Richard is a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers. He is a member of the Infrastructure Board of the Confederation of British Industry. He chairs the Advisory Council of The Infrastructure Forum, an independent think-tank that brings together organizations with involvement in UK infrastructure from public, private and regulatory perspectives. He is a prolific writer on infrastructure and transport and is quoted regularly in the trade and national press.