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Agronomy Leader at Ingenio Monte Rosa Center of Excellence at Pantaleon Group

Ricardo Antonio
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Ricardo Navarro, leader of Pantaleón's agronomic division, which he joined in 2008. He is responsible for leading the areas of soil fertility, plant mineral nutrition and sustainable use of fertilizers. During the last 6 years, his focus has been to innovate in the productive chain of sugarcane cultivation, with value propositions such as sustainable precision agriculture, biofertilizer production and consumptive use of water resources.

Pantaleón is an agro-industrial organization, dedicated to the responsible processing of sugar cane for the production of sugar, honey, alcohol and electricity. With more than 168 years of operation, Pantaleon has positioned itself as the leader in sugar production in Central America and among the ten most important sugar groups in Latin America. The headquarters is located in Guatemala City with operations in six countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Chile and Brazil.