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Americas Director – Global Public Sector, Microsoft

Pedro J.
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Pedro is responsible for defining and executing the strategy to help governments transform digitally to achieve their goals of driving social and economic growth, creating an efficient and transparent government, including and empowering citizens, developing public policies based on data and protect and maintain the environment. Pedro works at a strategic level with clients, with deep commitment and understanding of the government's mission and how new information technologies such as artificial intelligence / "machine learning", Blockchain, extended reality, IoT contribute to accelerating social and economic development. . He is an EXMA international lecturer on new information technologies and their impact on people, society and business.

At Microsoft he has been director of Government for Latin America and the Caribbean, director of International Organizations, director of the Startups group, General Manager of emerging markets and General Manager of Microsoft Colombia.

Before joining Microsoft, Pedro was regional manager for IBM in the Andean region and before IBM he was regional manager for Andersen Consulting (now Accenture).

He is a Systems Engineer Cum Laude from the Universidad Industrial de Santander with a specialization in business strategy and information technology at Andersen Consulting. He has a specialization at MIT in corporate strategy.