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Job title
Environmental Consultant, Grupo Piñero

Last name
del Toro


We are a family company founded in 1975 whose main objective is to satisfy each of our customers. The Piñero Group has tried since its inception to shape an integrated and complete tourist offer in its work structure.

The adaptation to the needs of the market, the flexibility in the responses and the constant innovation of its products have been and will continue to be the dominant features of its business strategy.
From the travel wholesaler, Soltour, to the hotel chain, Piñero Hotels and Bahía Príncipe Hotels & Resorts, and the auxiliary transport company, Sol Bus, the entire group has service quality and customer satisfaction as its priority objective .

Each of the companies in the group is in itself a benchmark within the sector and if we also add the synergy created by the complementary and coordinated work and the mutual support they provide, we are faced with the fact that the Piñero Group has become one of the leading groups in the tourism sector in Spain.

Thanks to our experience we are among the leading companies in the sector and we are prepared to continue advancing safely into the future.