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General Manager, ESG Strategy Department, Shinhan Bank

Ms. Jongjin
Last name


As a Head of Shinhan Bank’s ESG Strategy Department, she is playing a critical role ​in establishing the Bank’s ESG strategy while driving and differentiating its implementation. ​

This year in particular, she is focusing on the Internalization of ESG framework for employees ​and stakeholders, which includes providing ESG consulting services and transition finance for ​Small and Medium Enterprises.

Since joining Shinhan Bank in 1996, she held numerous positions at various departments ​within the company spanning from the Bank’s Headquarters, Private Banking Center and ​Retail Branches. ​

As a manager, she was in charge of Private Banking Strategy planning and marketing. ​Additionally, she managed assets of HNWIs as a Private banker at a Private Banking Center ​and provided financial solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises ​at various retail branches. ​

She earned MSc in Global Management from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ​in 2017 after graduating from Yonsei University with a Bachelor’s degree ​in German Language and Literature in 1996.​