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Job title
President, Center for Social Value Enhancement Studies, SK Group

Mr. Suk-Kwon
Last name


Dr. NA, Suk-Kwon is the president of the Center for Social value Enhancement Studies (CSES). The center was established in April 2018 to standardize social value measurement and conduct research to solve various social problems with people who pursue the same mission. Dr. Na joined the center in April 2019.

Previously, He worked for the Ministry of Economy and Finance for 25 years and conducted economic policy planning and coordination, deregulation, and international trade-related tasks. During that period, he held several major positions, including the Director of policy coordination and Director-General of the Statistical Policy Department.

He also gained a variety of experiences through his dispatch to the Presidential Office (the Blue House or “Cheongwadae”) of S. Korea, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the consulate general of the Republic of Korea in New York City, USA. He received a doctorate in economics from the University of Missouri.

From 2017 to 2019, he served as a Senior Research Fellow at SK Research Institute (SKRI). With these experiences in the public and private sectors, he is continuing his efforts to spread social values and establish an ecosystem of social innovation. He also leads the Management Reform division for the private sectors at the K-ESG Initiative, established the National Pension Service (NPS) of Korea, to study Korea-specific ESG models.