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Sustainability Sector Lead, IDB Invest

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Leonardo Mazzei leads stakeholders’ engagement and non-financial risk management in high-risk high-reward projects at IDB Invest. In his role, he coordinates institutional and operational-facing engagement activities.

Leonardo is a sustainability expert with 20 years of experience leading regional and global impact investing initiatives involving multilateral development agencies, government, private sector, and non-profit organizations to advance sustainable development. He has extensive experience dealing with political and business leaders during economic reform, public-private partnerships, and project finance in over 40 countries.

Before this role, Leonardo was Head of Communications at IDB Invest supporting private sector investments in Latin America and the Caribbean. Before the IDB, he worked as Senior Communications Officer for the World Bank, leading stakeholder engagement interventions in Africa, Central, and East Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America with a focus on governance, infrastructure, and private-public partnerships. He has authored four books on the role of communication to enhance sustainability performance.