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Founder and CEO, Farmalatam

José Joaquín
Last name


Industrial Engineer, U de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia, Master in International Business, USC, joined Johnson & Johnson as a trainee in the UK and rose to be to President for Latin America. Left J&J to create a pharmaceutical company with an innovative business model, my first experience as an entrepreneur. The company grew to operate in 15 countries in Latin America and was acquired by a larger multilatin Pharma company.

Continuing the entrepreneur experience, created Farmalisto, the Leading HealthTech Platform for delivering Medical Services and Pharmaceutical Products, particularly Prescription Products, to the patients, at the convenience of their home, at the best price, in a confidential manner and accepting all payment methods available in each country. Financially supported by IDB Invest, HBM Healthcare Investments, Morgan Rio, myself, and some additional investors, Farmalisto operates in 5 countries in Latin America, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Ecuador. Farmalisto and its division Care 24, supports patients to receive timely and quality healthcare at home I countries where having access to the Doctor can be delayed and difficult to follow-up. Currently employs over 300 individuals of which a majority are women and it’s their first time employment. The company has had a CAGR of over 65% and is set to be the leader HealthTech platform in the region.