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Board Member, Ecorodovias

Ana Luci
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I am enthusiastic and highly engaged with sustainability/ESG. Acting as sustainability/ESG counsel for 21 years, I firmly believe that business strategies should encompass the socioenvironmental variable to ensure long-term operations and shareholders' value, in addition to ensuring environmental compliance, reducing environmental risks and providing the business with huge sustainable innovation opportunities.

My experience indicates that ESG depends on top down decisions, should be a permanent item of the agenda of Boards and a mandatory KPI in officers' performance.

I am an Emeritus Board Member at The Nature Conservancy - TNC, have an expert and a master degree in environmental law and have published several articles and 2 books on environmental matters: "Lender's Civil Environmental Liability" (Lumen Juris, 2002) and "Environmental Law applied to Agreements" (Verbo Jurídico, 2008). I also have a post-MBA degree from the Advanced Boardroom Program for Women at Saint Paul Business School.