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National Staff and Third Country National Staff

Insurance Programs

The IDB Group’s insurance programs provide staff, retirees, and their dependents access to medical, dental, life insurance and related services.

Medical Program: Full range of medical services, such as doctor’s visits, preventive care, hospitalization, outpatient care, planned procedures, emergency services, urgent care, and more.

Prescription Drug Program: Outside the U.S. and Puerto Rico, all prescriptions are retail and require a co-pay for a supply regardless of the pharmacy you choose.

Dental Program: The Dental Plan covers routine preventive care, and other services including orthodontics.

Vision: Covers a portion of the expense for eye exams, frames and lenses, and contact lenses.

Life, Accident, and Disability Insurance: IDB Group provides you with additional insurance against accidents, disability, and loss of life.

Additional Health Services: Employee Assistance Program (confidential counseling and referral service to assist you and your family with personal or work-related problems), and Health Services Center.

Economic, and Assignment-Related Benefits

Dependency Allowance: IDB Group’s dependency allowance is a payment on behalf of officially recognized dependents. It is based on eligibility criteria and subject to periodic dependent-status verification.

Appointment Travel: The IDB Group offers services and allowance(s) to assist staff and eligible dependents at time of hire, when the staff member is required to relocate to the new post of duty.

Resettlement Allowance: If the staff member was relocated by IDB Group at the time of initial appointment, a resettlement allowance is available after 5 years of service.

Local Retirement Plan

The Local Retirement Plan is a defined benefit pension plan, which establishes a defined formula to determine each participant’s benefit based on service, compensation, and a benefit accrual factor. Five (5) years of Qualifying Service are required to be eligible for a normal retirement pension and ten (10) years of Qualifying Service are required to be eligible for retirement with a pension at age 55 or later. The formula is a percentage of the participant’s highest 5 consecutive years average remuneration for every year of service.

Participants are required to contribute to the Plan. IDB Group’s contributions to the Local Retirement Plan are reviewed and determined annually based on actuarial funding assessments by independent external actuaries.

Additional Retirement Benefits: Retiree Medical and Dental Coverage, and Retiree Life Insurance Program.

Work/Life Balance


  • Annual: 2 days per month, up to a maximum of 24 days per calendar year. Maximum accumulation 20 days. Up to 6 days of unused annual leave may be paid at the end of a calendar year if the unused balance exceeds 20 days.
  • Personal: 8 days per calendar year for personal matters and emergencies.
  • Sick: Up to 132 days per medical condition.
  • Pregnancy & Lactation.
  • Special: Bereavement leave of up to 5 days after the death of an immediate family member, plus additional days to travel outside your post of duty.
  • Recuperative: Up to 3 days per occasion for rest following periods of intense or prolonged work.
  • Volunteer: 2 days per calendar year to contribute time to eligible organizations.

Alternative Work Schedules: Individual scheduling arrangements are offered at the discretion of your supervisor: Flexible Schedule, Compressed Schedule, and Telework.

Parental Leave

This leave is granted for the birth, adoption, or birth through surrogacy of a child of the staff member during the employment with the IDB Group. 100 working days for Primary Caregiver or 50 working days for Secondary Caregiver.

Third Country National Staff

Third Country National (“TCN”) Staff is a category of employment specifically reserved for positions created for IDB Invest hubs. TCNs have the same benefits as those National Staff members with some exceptions.

  • Education Benefit: By means of the Education Benefit IDB Group provides financial assistance to TCN staff toward the cost of tuition of their dependent children (between 5 and 25 years old) who pursue studies in an accredited educational institution located in the TCN’s post of duty country. The Education Benefit will be paid as a reimbursement at the end of the academic year, upon meeting the requirements set by the IDB Group at the rate of 75% for Basic Education tuition and 50% of for Higher Education tuition. Payment may include a subsistence allowance for room & board, tuition reimbursement and any payment of subsistence (If applicable) will be paid up to reimbursement cap established for the academic year.
  • Transitional Housing Support: This is an allowance intended to provide financial assistance during the first 6 years of assignment of TCN staff members to help them obtain housing at the post of duty country so they can gradually become integrated into the local community.
  • Home Country Travel: This benefit assists TCN staff to maintain family, social, professional, and cultural ties with their home country. This benefit is paid every 2 years of active service and includes a travel allowance and an additional allowance for the staff member and eligible dependents.




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