IDB World: The Enigma of Informal Work during the Pandemic, Desalination & Value Chains

We present three selected IDB Group blog entries, about the enigma of informal work during the pandemic, desalination and value chains involving the U.S.

IDB World: Fiscal Strategy, the Costs of Crime & Exports

We present three selected IDB Group blog entries, on the need for a fiscal strategy for the region to emerge from the coronavirus crisis, the cost of crime in El Salvador and the importance of exports

Let’s Not Lose This Window of Opportunity for Latin America and the Caribbean

The pandemic has devastated Latin America and the Caribbean, putting a strain on government finances, leaving the private sector in a leading position for the recovery. But we cannot forget the bigger picture: building a more inclusive and sustainable region.

IDB World: Working from Home, Solar Panels in the Amazon, the Middle Class

Below are three entries selected from IDB Group blogs on the effects of working from home on pollution and climate change, solar energy in the Bolivian Amazon rainforest and the growing middle class in Latin America & the Caribbean.

Sustainability, the vaccine for Latin America and the Caribbean economies

A COVID-19 vaccine will keep people feeling healthy and safe, but we cannot forget to vaccinate our economies as well. Sustainability will be a key component to building back better in the region’s economic recovery.

How to Turn the Pandemic into an Opportunity for the Silver Economy

COVID-19 has stressed the need to accelerate financial inclusion through the digitization of the silver economy, that which includes older adults. This is a population segment that is increasingly tech-savvy and highly involved in business and investment.