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Pablo Alejandro Cotsifis

Pablo Alejandro Cotsifis is an Environmental and Social Lead Officer at IDB Invest, responsible for identifying and treating environmental and social risks and impacts of Projects financed by the bank, consistent with best international practices. He has over 32 years’ experience in the field of environmental and social impact assessments of infrastructure projects including ports, marinas, shipyards, real estate, industry, renewable energy, offshore oil and gas, airports, coastal protection, environmental monitoring and related fields. Before joining IDB Invest, Pablo worked in many large infrastructure projects in Brazil, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Chile and the Caribbean. Pablo holds a BSc. In Biology obtained at Federal University of Bahia, Brazil and an MSc in Aquatic Resource Management obtained at King’s College, London, United Kingdom.

Posts by Pablo Alejandro Cotsifis

The Sugarcane Industry Sets a World-Class Example in Sustainability

Sugar cane cultivation in Brazil has existed since colonial times and was associated for many years with degrading working conditions, low productivity and high pollution, but it's now one of the best examples of sustainable development in the region.