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Milena Correia Cafruni

Milena Correia Cafruni is a Social and Environmental Officer at IDB Invest. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences from the University of São Paulo and a Master's degree in International Cooperation and Development from La Sapienza University of Rome. Milena has been working since 2014 with issues of identification and management of social impacts and stakeholder engagement. At IDB Invest, she acts as focal point in the identification and management of gender risks in DSP/SEG.

Posts by Milena Correia Cafruni

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Seven Factors that Make Inclusion a Winning Strategy for Business

The participation of stakeholders and vulnerable communities in the design of projects and in the value chain, accompanied by a commitment to diversity and a robust sustainability policy, are an ethical imperative, but also the best way to achieve business objectives.

Addressing Climate Risk: Five Steps to Get Started

The pandemic has given us all a crash course in dealing with crises, becoming a sneak peak into what a man-made global disaster that disproportionately impacts the poor and vulnerable can cause. Climate change can be very similar, and knowing how to navigate and gauge its risks even harder.